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GRP Machinery
Complete equipment for high pressure epoxy pipe
Complete equipment for medium&low pressure epoxy pipe
Complete equipment for fiberglass pipe (or mortar) line
Complete equipment for fiberglass tank (pressure vessels) line
GRP Products
Raw Material
Auxiliary Material
Technology and service
Complete equipment for high pressure epoxy pipe
Equipment specifications
Diameter 40mm to 200mm
Length  9000mm
Pressure  250bar
Standard  SY/T 6267
Control program Digital  Servo
Control Mode Automatic/Semi automatic/Manual
Winding angle 15 degree to 90 degree
Filament feed speed Max. 100m/min
Precision of lining up filament  0.5mm
Joint type API 5B thread, flange, taper&butt joint

Equipment components
Material feeding equipment
Four-mandrel winding machine
Steam curing equipment
Demoulding equipment
Cutting&grinding equipment
Equipment for making male thread
Equipment for making pipe fittings
Hydraulic testing equipment
Mandrels for pipes and moulds for pipe fittings

Product applications
1. Pipe lines for oil transportation

2. Pipe lines for waste water injection
3. Underground protective sleeve (working temperature 120 ˇăC)
4. Pipe lines for bittern transportation
5. Shuttering for purified water

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